Since our establishment in 1999, We at Teakita ShaanTeak have learned to believe in customer satisfaction, derived by customer’s  satisfaction, keeping their comfort, style, space and the value in mind. It is all about them, the end user, the retailer or the dealer. we only do what is the best for you, that has made us special.

About Our Products:

Our extensive range of teak indoor and garden furniture is universally appealing, aiming to provide a teak furniture collection that significantly enhances interior and the exterior  spaces of your home and garden.

Teakita offers both classic and contemporary designs. Our traditional range maintains its heritage of classic, timeless designs whilst the modern ranges combine teak with Fabrics, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Natural and Synthetic Rattan, carefully chosen to ensure the highest possible standard.

We are dedicated to bringing you high quality, distinctive teak furniture made with plantation grown teak, harvested under controlled and sustainable yield practices.

Our core values ensure that all TEAKITA products are manufactured by skilled and experienced craftsmen using only the highest quality materials to create exceptional furniture that is designed and built to last. The outdoor furniture is made by using modern machinery with tenon and mortise joinery. Special attention is paid to the Kiln drying process of the wood which is one of the most important processes of manufacturing teak furniture as it eliminates subsequent shrinkage of the wood, mildew growing on the wood, non performance of the glue and future uneven discoloration. All fittings at Teakita are made of marine quality solid brass or Stainless Steel. All our products undergo a rigorous quality control at each step of the manufacturing process to ensure that each piece of furniture is according to the company quality standard. The end finish of Teakita furniture has always been at the top of its kind. Each piece is finely sanded to get the smooth end finish.

Quality Teak Wood

We use only Indonesian plantation grown “Grade A” teak wood and never use any harmful chemicals for staining or coloring.  We practice environmentally friendly procedures to produce our furniture.

Grade A plantation teak is the strongest and most durable wood utilized in the manufacturing of furniture. All of our teak wood is sourced from the Indonesian government agency, Perum Perhutani, which is responsible for regulating the country’s sustainable teak plantation program..

Our teak has been properly kiln-dried for low wood moisture content so that the milled parts will hold their shape over time without warping or cracking. Also referred to as First European Quality, our teak wood contains high density levels of the natural oils and resins that make teak wood such an outstanding material for use in the construction of furniture.

Solid Construction

We use traditional time-tested methods such as mortise and tenon joints secured by teak dowels and brass screws. Premium grade exterior glue and weather resistant hardware are used to provide maximum durability and strength over the lifetime of our teak furniture. All surfaces are generously proportioned and finely sanded to a beautiful finish.


We are experienced in manufacturing to the rugged specifications for teak furniture used in commercial applications without sacrificing good aesthetic design in the process. Our teak furniture has been installed in resorts, hotels, golf clubs, corporate sites, restaurants, retreats, estates and fine residences across the U.S. , E.U., Asia-Pacific, and the Middle-East.

Exceptional Value

Our experience since 1999 has given us an edge to source best quality materials at lowest possible prices and we pass this value to our customers and assure you get the best value and the best furniture designs of great quality at a very competitive price, we also have a friendly and professional staff dedicated to eagerly answer your questions and serve your current and future needs for teak furniture.

Your complete satisfaction is our first priority and we will go to any lengths to ensure that.

Our Outdoor Collection:

Define your own space under the open sky and let TEAKITA’s outdoor collection “ShaanTeak” create an environment of an oasis of peace, tranquility and luxury of freedom that is not confined by walls yet a feeling of an extension of your home, your niche style and all the comfort that you deserve.

ShaanTeak luxurious outdoor collection made from only the best teak wood, stainless steel, synthetic rattan and weather resistant fabrics and designed for tough outdoor environments.

Teakita is proud to offer these exclusive lines of modern and contemporary furniture to bring new life to home and garden.

Custom Design:

At Teakita, we do custom-make all kinds of teak furniture. Talk to us  now and  bring a new look to your home, office or garden. We respect individuality in design and manufacture furniture to our client’s individual requirements and taste. We will ensure that you get the furniture suited to your needs. The furniture is manufactured at our factory in Java, Indonesia. It goes through a rigorous quality control process. Each step of the process is monitored and every detail is taken care of.

We are also a furniture manufacturer of choice for teak furniture to hotels, boutiques and homes.

Be it very classical or ultra-modern design, we would be able to manufacture it according to your expectations.

Our Guarantee

Teakita offers warranty on our furniture. We are certain of manufacturing process and your complete satisfaction and as such, we guarantee against any manufacturing defects.

Please contact us for additional information .

We pride ourselves in offering our customers the very best after-sales.